Janet Cox

Jan Cox

Janet Cox began her career in 1979 as a staff attorney for the Social Security Administration in its administrative appeals division. She has represented claimants in private practice since 1982. She has devoted her entire legal career to the field of Social Security Disability law. Few, if any, attorneys in northern Alabama can match her depth of experience, her unique qualifications or the level of service she provides to her clients.

Jan Cox is a nature enthusiast who loves to explore the world through international travel, especially on nature and wildlife tours. Her passion for birds has led her to pursue amateur birding, and she enjoys identifying and learning about different bird species. When she’s not traveling, Jan loves to spend time outdoors, hiking through the mountains or tending to her garden. One of her favorite destinations is the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she finds peace and relaxation in the stunning natural scenery. Jan’s love for nature and exploration is a reflection of her curious and adventurous spirit.


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